I want to smoke pot without having to be scared of getting arrested

I read that all the time, and in most cases it’s people that are responsible, it’s people that wants to smoke marijuana at home, or in specific bars like in Amsterdam, you can read all about it on this Pot Weed Website that I found very interesting, it is everything about cannabis described in images, is a pin board for marijuana lovers and everybody that wants to know a little bit more about cannabis.

pot website

While reading a very interesting article on LinkedIn signed by Thomas F Cheng I discovered that cannabis can cure or even cervical cancer, it can help your kidneys and liver if they have a disease, it is said that it can control diabetes, considering that 12% of the United States population have diabetes that is actually something that could come into huge health of the population, but it seems that the pharmaceutical companies don’t want to legalize it because they know that all their medication will crash their income will be squashed in Therefore they are paying off politicians both state and federal to make sure and guarantee that pot will never become legal.

Be my guest, read all about it on this Pacific Alternative News website, you will actually be shocked on what the pharmaceutical companies are doing to corrupt Washington in order that they do not legalize marijuana.