Mainstream websites are 65% of the web

Pornographic websites are 25% of the web, the remaining is the dark wet and therefore the web that we cannot see, I won’t even touch that subject because if I do I will be heree pages and pages just to simply explain what the dark web is and why it actually does exist.

Where I really want to get to is to talk about this Alternative Media website that is in the mainstream category because it is news and media, and there are hundreds of websites even thousands that bring you the news every day, however this website that I posted here as you can see is one of those websites that brings you the news in a very different way, and I will leave it at that because I want you to visit the website so that you can understand where I’m going with this.

alternative media

Even Internet expert Thomas F Cheng as bookmarked the website above and when I was talking with him just yesterday afternoon he suggested another website for me that is listed below.

That would be and because it is once again under construction, they are not posting this time new articles, however there are hundreds past dated article that I want you to go and check out because they are hilarious, this is real news but they make fun of it, they bring it in a funny way no matter how drastic it may be and this is what makes Pacific websites that we are talking about right here in this paragraph extremely unique in its kind.